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Bark Control Collar from Petsafe

This product has been specially developed and designed to control the barking of dogs and prevent that they can disturb or barking moments or situations in which it should not. This necklace is ... Read more

from 67.39 58.59
Battery Alkaline 6V 4LR44

Valid for the necklaces of the invisible fence innotek of 400 m, necklaces of Multivet spray antildridos and to the Collar anti barking Innotek Smart . Also with the neutral scent spray antiladri... Read more

from 2.89 2.49
2 Pilas para collar antiladridos de Petsafe

. It includes 2 battery replacement for the antiladridos of Petsafe collars , valid for all the collars Pet safe except for collar antiladridos for small dogs, which correspond the RFA-188 batteries... Read more

from 9.19 7.99
SSSCat Us refill Spray 130 gr

Refill spray that provides 500 vaporization for use with conduct vaporizer Ssscat corrector . The recharging of vaporization contain a mixture of gases which is 100% safe for people, animals and the... Read more

from 31.04 26.99
Bark control unit for the neighbour´s dog

. This product of Pet safe is really ingenious. It is of a ultrasonic controller of barking with a range of approximately 17 metres emits a high frequency, inauduble for human sound, while the dog ... Read more

from 57.49 49.99
Battery for Stop'N Dogs Anti-Barking Collar

Replacement battery for the Collar Dynavet Anti-ladridos Includes 1 Lithium battery replacement for the necklaces anti-ladridos Stop ' N Dog Dynavet. This stack is exclusive to the collar... Read more

from 12.89 11.19
Refill Spray for Stop'N Dogs Anti-Barking Collar

Dynavet refills contain a mixture of gases that is 100% safe for people, animals and the environment . They are the replacement of choice for the Stop anti-bark collars ' N Dog of Dynavet. Ther... Read more

from 11.49 9.99
from 123.05 106.99
Anti-bark Citronella and other Refill

. Multivet refills contain a mixture of gases which is 100% safe for people, animals and the environment. There are 3 options to choose from:. -Citronella: most of us know because its use is ... Read more

from 12.64 10.99
PetSafe Bark control collar for small dogs

This necklace is a very easy to use product and it will be extremely useful to reduce the nuisance of your dog barking . It is designed especially for small up to 26 kg dogs , but can be placed in ... Read more

from 91.99 79.99
Battery replacement for small PetSafe dog collar

. It includes 1 Nano of Petsafe collars antiladridos spare battery,. These batteries are unique to the collar antiladridos dog small. Specification: battery RFA-188 of... Read more

from 12.64 10.99
Training system by remote control for dogs

Deluxe Trainer of Petsafe collar for dogs with remote control. These systems of training collar with remote control are a practical tool for educating safe, comfortable and efficiently your pet . Soon... Read more

from 240.34 208.99
Bark Control Deluxe collar

. The Deluxe bark Control is a collar antiladridos of the latest technology. It has 3 different electrostatic correction modes , each with 6 levels of progressive stimulation . It has sophisticate... Read more

from 113.85 99.00
SSSCat Us Adjustment Behavior

consists of two elements: a movement detector and a refill spray . The Ssscat to detect the movements of the cat, download a vaporization. After a job only repeated place the apparatus is enough to... Read more

from 51.75 44.99
Anti-Barking Collar for Toy Dogs Stop'N Dog

Spray Anti Bark Collar for Mini dogs from 1 to 11 kg. The perfect necklace for a very small dog, that has a very big barking Here is the mini collar bark control dog toy or mini from 1 to 11 kg . Is ... Read more

from 126.49 109.99

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