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KIKI Alimento completo para Cotorritas, Ninfas y Agapornis

A complete and balanced for these species of bird food. The variety of seeds provided, are more motivated avoiding anxiety States of these birds. Ingredients: yellow millet, bare oats, red millet,... Read more

from 2.19 1.89
Jarad Mix for Love Birds Classic

Mixture full for lovebirds. It contains a variety of quality seeds that are necessary for the growth and health of these birds. Jarad is a 100% Andalusian dedicated to feeding of birds for more than... Read more

from 1.95 1.69
Versele laga Prestige big parakeet Stand up nimphs & lovebirds

Complete mixing of seeds suitable for the daily feeding of agapornis, nymphs, Parrot and large parakeets. Its exclusive formula consists of a Select blend of carefully selected seeds to offer your ... Read more

from 3.45 2.89
Cunipic Superpremium Complete food for Lovebirds

Complete and balanced food for feeding lovebirds and other parakeets of any age or physiological state . It is a food rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron for the maintenance of optimal health.... Read more

from 3.69 3.19
Nutribird B 18 baby food for budgerigars and lovebirds

I think full and balanced extruded suitable for animals in the process of transition from the baby food to solid food or young animals of small parakeets and other parrots and lovebirds, neophermas ... Read more

from 24.15 20.99
Alimento para Cotorras y Agapornis NutriBird G14 Tropical

NutriBird G 14 Tropical is a complete and balanced maintenance for large parakeets feed. They are granulad you with a composition scientifically proven cereal selected, fresh fruit and peanuts. Full... Read more

from 9.79 8.49
Vitakraft Alimento completo para agapornis

Special feed for lovebirds or "inseparable", with ingredients from its place of origin, Africa. It contains flowers of acacia, dates, figs and millet of color , so that these birds to feed... Read more

from 5.85 5.09
Psittacus Food maintenance MINI for birds

This I think Psittacus is manufactured taking into account the needs of birds such as nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets and budgerigars . Suitable for pets and birds breeding in stages of inactivity. Dail... Read more

from 6.09 5.25
Lolo Pets Basic Complete Foor for Love Birds

Complete food for inseparable . Complete mixing of oilseeds and grain quality. Provides a healthy birds and improved breeding skills. It stimulates the digestive and immune system. Lolo Pets is a ne... Read more

from 2.29 1.99

Extra food for parakeets, nymphs and agapornis based on mixture of seeds. Packaged in controlled atmosphere. Ingredients: Yellow millet, bare oats, red millet, Canary seed, roll of Daimiel, hemp,... Read more

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If you have doubts about feeding your lovebird, we tell you some of the options you have at your disposal: complete meals for daily diet, baby food and kibble chicks or sticks for extra energy.

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