Furminator Brush to remove dead hair 90% dogs Package Short hair
26.49 22.99

Furminator Brush to remove dead hair 90% dogs Package Short hair

26.49 22.99
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FURminator deShedding Brush that manages to eliminate easily killed his pet hair.

The Furminator deShedding is an enhanced version of the classic Furminator brush, now with a cutting-edge design and simpler management. It is an effective super brush that eliminates in a comfortable, quick and easy way all dead hair and subpelo of dogs and cats. Manages to reduce the shedding of your pet by up to 90%.

You'll be surprised of his fantastic results, because it is a brush effectively tested and proven by millions of people around the world.

Characteristics of super brush Furminator for cats and dogs:

  • Get remove more loose ends than any brush hairs, comb or commercially available carda.
  • Do not cut hair, but removes loose hair without damaging the skin of your dog.
  • It can be used in animals of all kinds of hair, it is effective both long hair and short hair.
  • Stimulates the skin of your pet to produce natural oils, which provides a healthy skin and a shiny hair.
  • Reduces the amount of hair in the environment, getting a clean and healthy home by reducing reactions me in some people.

FURminator deluxe enhanced version of the Furminator brushFURminator deluxe removes dead hair dogs and cats

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Brush Furminator deluxe dead hair Remover

FURminator deluxe detailNow with a sleek design and a new ergonomic handle, it is much easier to use. It contains an edge of steel inoxibable that retains all the hairs and a practical button to quickly remove the hair on the edge of the brush.

The cardas or traditional brushes are not able to remove hair like the Furminator, these can be used in eras in which dogs will not eliminate so much hair, but surely after testing the Furminator you don't want to use another brush. In addition your pet will also enjoy with this brush, will be able to relax and feel more relieved without annoying dead hairs.

Instructions for use: Authorities begin to use the Furmitator, the hair from your cat or dog must be dry and free from knots. It is recommended to use it only in animals with healthy skin, i.e. without wounds, alergías or irritation. Grab the brush by the handle and start brushing your baby gently in the direction of the hair. It uses long movements and avoids constantly brushed the same area. After each pass it lifts the brush to remove the hairs have been hooked.

Frequency of use: All you need to brush your pet once a week for 10-20 minutes to forget about the problem of the hairs.

Recommendations: When you start brushing your dog or cat will release huge amount of hair, which is why we recommend you make brushing in the open air or in easy-to-clean spacious rooms.

FURminator deluxe promotes skin care

Available in 3 sizes so you choose which best suits the size of your pet:

 Sheet SizeDog weight
Mini3.2 cmuntil 4.5 cm
Small4.5 cm4.5-10 kg
Medium6.70 cm10-22 kg
Large10 cm22-40 kg
Extra Large12.7 cm+ 40 kg

If you already know the benefits of Furminator may not resist in acquiring this new renovated version, if you don't know please now get to enjoy all its advantages. Specially designed for veterinary and professional hairdressers.

Furminator deluxe cepillos adios a los modelos pelos de tu perro

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