Nameplate if my pet is lost

Nameplate if my pet is lost

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Veneer numbered identification anti-loss for dogs.

Also available for cats by clicking here: Data cat plate

This is a unique free service that Tiendanimal offers to all its customers. It consists of a numbered plate which you can hang comfortably from your pet's collar. Each plate has a unique identification number that identifies the owner of the animal and a telephone of contact with our operational service 24 hours and 365 days. The service is free, permanent and indefinite and does not imply future purchase. Each plate is non- transferable and will be part of our database of clients of pet.


  • Found pets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Free, permanent and indefinite and not supposed future purchase.
  • Easy to place and clearly visible on your pet's collar.
  • You can order as many as you want (each month one free with your order or additional units at a cost of €9 c. u.)
  • Add your pet information for the person who finds it from your customer account.


  1. Service only available in Spain, Portugal and France.
  2. Portuguese customers should be ordered on the website of Portugal (Click here to access the website of Portugal).
  3. French customers should be ordered on the website of France (Click here to access the website of France).
  4. The phone number that appears on the plate is not personalized, but it belongs to our exclusive system of recovery of lost animals, where an agent is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  5. Identification number that appears on the plate is already assigned to your customer's data.  You can edit customer data associated to the sheet in your client area.
  6. The service is active and associated with your customer data from the moment in that plate leaving our warehouses.
  7. On our long experience in the field of companion animal, he has performed live on many occasions the loss of a pet. We know that the first hours are essential to the recovery of the animal and it is very important that it be properly identified. This will be the difference between that whether a dog lost no more or a dog with a phone where to call and notify quickly find the animal.



The microchip is a device which, in addition to being compulsory, is very important to find the owner of a lost pet but works only in cases where the person who found the animal go to a veterinary clinic to pass a microchip reader. But what happens in cases in which the person who found the lost animal does not want to go to a clinic or simply there is no available in area Veterinary Clinic, is closed or the person has no means to move?

Nameplate Tiendanimal pet anti-loss

In TiendAnimal have the solution: a unique and exclusive telephone, 24 hours operating to alert the finding of a lost animal and previously identified with their "nameplate numbered pet".

How does it work?

With every purchase you can select and obtain free of charge a "Numbered pet identification plate", if you want more than one plate can go asking for a free each month in following orders or you can buy additional worth € 9 units.

Identification plate free if my pet is lost

If necessary anyone who finds a pet with TiendAnimal plate can call printed on it. An Agent will be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to respond to requests of animals found, acting as mediator, will contact the owner mascot lost the person who found it for immediate delivery.

This is a simple, safe and effective method where the person who has found your pet or knows his name or have their home phone but you can quickly contact you through TiendAnimal.

Congratulations!, if you have added this product to your shopping basket, your pet is protected now with our exclusive system of recovery of lost animals. With the identification plate your pet will be protected in the event of loss and if someone finds it and call us we will ensure that you recover it immediately.

EAN: 0035656267071

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vall de uxo (29-03-2017)

Siempre buenos precios, muy rápidos en el envío.



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Siempre encuentro lo que busco y la entrega es muy rápida.

"Los precios son totalmente competitivos, los pedidos llegan en excelente estado ya que el embalaje es muy óptimo y se nota el cuidado con el que ha sido manipulado. Gracias por el servicio que prestan, son muchos años comprando en esta tienda y siempre ha sido una gran experiencia."


Barcelona (29-03-2017)

Compra genial y a muy buen precio


Alicia Sofia

Torrevieja (29-03-2017)

Te dan regalos y te sale más barato

"¡Y lo traen a casa!"


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Muy buena tienda y tienen de todo

"Buenísima la web y son muy rápidos. Algunas veces con regalitos para ellos que son lo mejor. Gracias"


Alicante (28-03-2017)


"Dedicándome al marketing online y desarrollo de negocios en Internet, sólo confirmar lo fácil y sencillo que Tienda Animal hace todo el proceso."


Belchite (28-03-2017)

Excelente calidad en productos y rápido envío

"Un saludo, Tiendanimal"

José Agustín

PASAJES ANCHO (28-03-2017)

Tiendanimal muy buena, tiene de todo para nuestras mascotas y a un precio bueno

"¿Qué más podemos pedir? que sigan así, siendo tan responsables y teniendo tan buenos productos. Un saludo ."


GERONA (28-03-2017)

Los animales de casa están contentísimos

"Echo en falta mas productos en oferta o ocasión, pero precio calidad esta perfecto ."


Lucena (27-03-2017)

Excelente calidad - precio ¡Super contenta!

"Me encanta. Siempre encuentro lo que busco y la mayoría de las veces me sorprendo por la gran variedad de productos que ofrece Tiendanimal. Siempre comprare todos los productos que necesite sin dudarlo."

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