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Porridge syringe for breeding birds TK-Pet

Syringe feeding is a common practice amongst breeders. It is usually started when withdrawing the chicks parents, approximately to 20 days of life, until weaning. It is necessary to learn the ... Read more

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Psittacus yellow Series Syringe with latex probe for breeding

. Syringe feeding is a common practice amongst breeders. It starts around two weeks of life and by this method are chicks very docile and confident , not afraid of people. It is necessary to learn ... Read more

from 13.15 11.19
Breeding Kit for lovebirds, Parakeets and parrots

With this magnificent one time breeding kit can have everything you need to start to raise your bird . We know that it is difficult to find in a single package everything you need to bring forward the... Read more

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Psittacus Babyfood Mini for birds

This porridge has been manufactured taking into account the rearing of chicks, since they are the canons of the feathers. It is special its high level nutritional for grain and small size species ... Read more

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Psittacus Babyfood high energy for birds

This porridge of Psittacus is ideal to feed manually to the birds that recently came out of hatching, although it should not be before blunt the canons of feathers . Also for those parrots who need... Read more

from 16.29 14.15
Psittacus Babyfood high protein for birds

Designed to raise since they are the canons of feathers birds like Amazons, cockatoos, parrots, budgerigars, pionus or caiques and any other bird that precise diets with high content in fat . It... Read more

from 16.29 14.15
KIKI Rearing foog for granivorous birds

Paste wet stabilized ideal for all types of bird cage and Canaries of yellow factor. It maintains without excess pigmentation. It is very effective during breeding . Ingredients: cake flour, semoli... Read more

from 8.05 6.99
KIKI Dinamic protein-20 birfood prepared with eggs

Dry breeding pasta with high content of proteins (18. 5%) . Made with selected products to guarantee the nutritional intake and appetite for pet birds. Prepared with fresh eggs for use in Canaries,... Read more

from 7.25 6.29
KIKI Vert paste breeding and maintenance with vegetables

Stabilized, rich flavor and aroma for birds, blue-veined provides all the essential nutrients and freeze-dried vegetables. As well as being very attractive on the palate, thanks to vegetables, it ... Read more

from 3.25 2.79
KIKI rearinf food red-factor canaries

Paste wet stabilized ideal for Canaries Red factor. It maintains without excess pigmentation. It is very effective during breeding . With a new formula more appetizing and more aroma. Ingredients: c... Read more

from 7.95 6.89
KIKI ProVital moulting soft birdfood

With 35% of crude protein it makes it an ideal filling the pigeons porridge. With the help of this porridge can get developed larger chicks and take care of those who have been abandoned by their... Read more

from 16.89 14.69
KIKI White moulting soft food

Slurry stabilized without pigments, high content of cake with egg without pigmentation. Ideal for Canarios lipochromes do not want to stain or "Doré " effect. Its special formulation... Read more

from 6.89 5.99
Food for little parrots NutriBird A19

. NutriBird 19 is a complete and balanced food for hand breeding macaws , grey parrots , eclectus Parrot , deroptyus accipitrinus and other birds baby with high energy needs. How to use . Breeding p... Read more

from 45.99 39.99
Pasta para pájaros amarilla Gold Patee

. Orlux Gold boot yellow is a slurry of high quality, scientifically formulated and elaborated with egg and honey, for Canaries , wild and exotic birds . Added nectar, honey-based hundred percen... Read more

from 34.39 29.89
Versele-laga Babyfood for Loris

Orlux Lori is a perfect porridge for parrots and parakeets of the fig tree, that incorporates all the nutrients that these animals found in their natural environment . For this reason, it is much... Read more

from 16.09 13.99
Versele-laga Pasta Universal Uni Patee

It is a complete feed that will feed those insectivorous birds and fruit that contains all the nutrients needed for the full development of these birds. Uni kick is also a paste that serves as ... Read more

from 8.15 7.09
Orlux Dry eggfood for big parakeets and parrots

. Orlux egg Pasta dry large parakeets & parrots is a paste suitable for breeding large parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, macaws, parrots and nymphs. This egg pasta has a thick structure for a better ... Read more

from 7.35 6.39
Versele-laga egg noodles for canaries

This dry egg pasta is ideal for your Canary , either color, stance or voice . It is the perfect complement to your Canary during throughout the breeding season by guaranteeing an good growth and goo... Read more

from 34.15 29.69
Food for little birds Nutribird A21

NutriBird A 21 is a complete food for the raised hand of all birds baby. Scientifically composed for optimum growth. How to use Pasta NutriBird A 21 for breeding It is hand prepared adding boilin... Read more

from 17.25 14.99
Jarad Babyfood for hand-feeding birds

Breeding pastes are a nutritional boost provides hydrates of carbon, proteins and vitamins necessary for optimum growth of the chicks and recovery of the parents. This porridge is an complete food ... Read more

from 5.29 4.29
Breeding food for insectivores

Jarad breeding insectivorous animal toothpaste is a paste especially designed for feeding and breeding insectivorous birds or in your diet including insects such as Nightingales, goldfinches, ... Read more

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Psittacus babyfood for neonatal loros

This prestigious brand Psittacus porridge is suitable for manual of most of the species of parrots breeding , from grays, Amazons, cockatoos, macaws, eclectus, caiques, pionus. Is also used to... Read more

from 24.09 20.95
Orlux Gold Patee Eggfood for parrots and large parakeets

. Orlux Gold kick large parakeets & parrots is a paste ready to raise and use large parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, macaws, parrots and nymphs . A candy is also very appreciated by these domestic... Read more

from 7.22 6.99
Food for little birds Kaytee Exact

. Kaytee exact is a formula for breeding nutritivia handmade bird . Kaytee Exact for breeding He is done through a special process that produces an instant formula with low levels of bacteria. This... Read more

from 17.12 14.89
Energette bird food for hand rearing

Porridge special feeding birds passerine birds such as Canaries, finches, verderones, etc. It is a concentrated preparation rich in proteins and other substances with nutritive and energy value that ... Read more

from 9.31 7.75
Jarad White dry Breeding food

Paste of breeding is specifically suitable for Canaries of plumage white or light colors such as mosaic, glazing, etc. It contains no colorants products to make it stand out white and bright plumage. ... Read more

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The breeding stage is the most sensitive in the lives of our birds, so it is essential a complete and nutritious food. Give your chick all the energy it needs with our pastes.

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