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Scalibor Antiparasitaric Necklace

Scalibor Antiparasitaric Necklace
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Scalibor Antiparasitaric Necklace

Scalibor is the first parasite collar on the market that protects your dog from the mosquitoes of the genus sandfly, ticks and fleas for a period of 6 ... Read more
ref: [MTA1746]
17.75€ IVA included

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48 cm
65 cm (19.5€)
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17.75€ IVA included
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Antiparasitic Scalibor necklace

Scalibor is the first parasite collar on the market that protects your dog from the mosquitoes of the genus sandfly, ticks and fleas for a period of 6 months.

It is effective for 6 months against ticks and fleas 4 months. You have repellent effect against mosquitoes sand flies (leishmaniasis transmitter agent) and mosquitoes Culex complex pipiens (transmitting agent of canine heartworm or "heart worms").

Nothing more be placed the collar on the dog's neck begins to release the active ingredient, that is distributed quickly through the skin of the dog reaching throughout the body. With this necklace no evaporation occurs, as it happens with the rest, giving you greater efficiency.
Collar is completely waterproof, which does not lose its effectiveness that get wet.
Not to act by evaporating this product does not produce odors. In this way, you or your dog will realize. This is especially important for all those dogs and hunting dogs live indoors.

Composition: 4% deltamethrin.

  • 48 cms: 0.760 mg
  • 65 cms: 1,000 mg

How to use: He is recommended to leave a space of 2 fingers between neck and collar. With a kitchen paper dust must be removed before putting the collar. Also, to have greater efficiency, is recommended to clean the collar with a damp cloth once a month.

Precautions: In some cases the necklace has produced local allergic reactions (itching, redness, hair loss) in some dogs, if it is the case of your dog simply remove the collar and wash the affected area and symptoms that could show will disappear immediately. Do not use the collar on animals with extensive skin lesions. Do not use on animals under 7 weeks of age. For some small-sized dogs may be toxic. The collar begins to be effective one week after placement in the dog. Wash your hands with SOAP and water after handling the collar. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to play with the necklace or suck it. Stay away from drinks, food and feed. Keep the well closed packaging until the time of employment. Deltamethrin is toxic to fish and bees. After using the collar not it be disposed in the environment or in the water.

Antiparasitic collar scalibur total protection

This product is available in two sizes:
-large dogs: 65 cm
-small and medium dogs: 48 cm

The use of this product must be supervised by your regular veterinarian, in any doubt please consult with him or with us in our section online veterinary consultations.

Synonym dictionary:

scalibur, escalibur, excalibur, scalibour

EAN: 8401357000484, 8713184000651
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