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TetraMin flake food

Lunch complete and balanced in the form of scales, designed to be used as a main of all kinds of ornamental fish food. It is a food made with more than 40 of the highest quality raw materials mixed ... Read more

from 4.15 3.59
TetraMin Crisps for ornamental fish

Lunch complete and balanced with high nutritional value in the form of granules to be served to all ornamental fish. This food retains all the necessary nutrients and fundamental, thanks to the ... Read more

from 4.25 3.69
SERA Menu flakes

The flakes SERA menu contains four types of high quality food to pamper your ornamental fish. If this quality food is administered daily, you will have fish healthy and vital. Complete food in ... Read more

from 6.35 5.49
SERA san fish food

Will be san , for a magnificent colorful in all ornamental fish. Food in flakes containing flour, fish and cereals and also seaweed and Spirulina. Will be san , for optimal growth and the best breedin... Read more

from 4.35 3.79
JBL Gala Premium class staple flake food

Balanced high quality food with an exclusive selection of raw materials and special ingredients that contributes to fish all the nutrients needed to stay healthy and strong for a long time. Its ... Read more

from 4.85 4.19
Tropical Supervit flake food

Tropical Supervit is a complete basic food for fish tropical in the form of flakes or scales, for the daily feeding omnivorous fish of aquariums fresh tripical. It contains eight different types of ... Read more

from 15.19 13.19
JBL Novobel Staple flake food for all aquarium fish

Complete food for daily of all aquarium fish food . It is specifically formulated for the daily feeding of plates (Cyprinodonti form), Anabautidos, Zebra Danio and other small barbus, shark silver,... Read more

from 7.05 6.09
TetraMin Baby food breeding to 1 cm

This food is suitable for the breeding of tropical up a cm long FRY , since it is a sifted extremely fine featuring a high protein content and is enriched with nutrients ® BioActive formula... Read more

from 5.69 4.79
Tetra Guppy

Nourishing and complete food to cover all the needs of these precious tropical ornamental fish giving to our aquarium both colorful. . It contains algae espirulinas which contain a high proportion of... Read more

from 3.79 3.29
SERA Special food for guppies Guppy Gran

Complete feed specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of fish guppies and other fish of small size. Rich in plant components with the highest quality ingredients ensure a healthy growth, a ... Read more

from 5.75 4.99
Zoomed Microgranuled Floating food for Betta

. Micro Floating Betta pellets Zoomed is a food full our Betta fish shaped microgranules made from natural ingredients that they do not cloud the water of the Bettera. This food for Bettas is... Read more

from 3.09 2.69
Tetra Betta

Due to the special needs that have the bettas will have to take into account that his power can not be the same as that of the rest of tropical ornamental fish since they have demanding needs and fish... Read more

from 4.85 4.19
SERA vipagran

New granulated food SERA vipagran is particularly lightweight, easy to digest and floating on the water. Even the most demanding aquarium fish eat it with pleasure soft and at the same time compact ... Read more

from 5.19 4.49
SERA Menu granulated

SERA Granulated menu provides all the layers of intermediate and bottom water fish the way of feeding is appropriate to the species and guarantees the health and vitality of their ornamental fish. 4 ... Read more

from 7.59 6.59
TetraMin Food pearl and XL food pearl

I think ideally fine rounded granules for all ornamental fish, these granules quickly soften in the convenient and practical dispenser container. Then they descend slowly , so it is particularly... Read more

from 11.39 9.89
Tropical Supervit Granulat Food pearls

Tropical Supervit Granulat is a food in high quality granules of various ingredients designed for the daily feeding of all the fish in the Aquarium. It is a well balanced combination of ingredients ... Read more

from 8.39 7.29
JBL NovoStick XL for large cichlids

Complete food for daily feeding of large cichlids (Cyphotilapia and Haplochromis) and other large carnivorous fish (e. g. , Arowana). Its exclusive formula optimized brings to fish all the nutrients ... Read more

from 16.19 13.99
SERA cichlids Sticks

The will be cichlids Sticks are a tasty staple dyestuffs without artificial for cichlids and other large fish. When it comes to selecting and composing ingredients, researchers. will they have in ... Read more

from 32.69 12.99
SERA Artemia Shrimps

SERA Artemia Shrimps contains adult salinas, much appreciated by all the fish food. Their high level of carotene helps that fish have some beautiful colors and considerably strengthens thei... Read more

from 6.89 5.99
SERA Bloodworms

SERA mosquito larvae are a golosina for all ornamental fish , ideal as a nutritional supplement and to ensure a varied and species-friendly diet. Mosquito larvae normally live in waterways a... Read more

from 4.49 3.89
Tetra Fresh Delica fresh food for aquarium

. The complete nutrition of your ornamental fish in jelly fresh natural food , both of freshwater from saltwater. You will love since it is intended to be as similar as possible to the food would ... Read more

from 6.79 5.89
SERA Spirulina 100 Tabs

Food in top quality tablets. The Spirulina Tabs will be contain 20% of spirulina, as well as select as plankton, seaweed, spinach and herbs valuable vegetable ingredients. SERA Spirulina Tabs are a... Read more

from 8.19 6.99
Tetra Pleco Min

Despite the beliefs that plecostomus fish are simple chupaalgas, this is not so, since the Plecostomus are demanding both space and power needs, that eat the algae in the Aquarium, but may end up ... Read more

from 6.89 5.99
JBL Novopleco Algae chips containing wood for plecos

Balanced quality food that satisfies the special requirements of freshwater and marine fish. Your exclusive optimized formula with a blend of high quality ingredients it contains Spirulina, vegetable ... Read more

from 6.19 5.39
TetraWafer Mix phytophagous fish and background carnivores

Complete mix specially formulated for complete and balanced diet they need fish phytophagous, carnivores that inhabit the regions of Fund and also the small crustaceans such as crabs. It incorporates ... Read more

from 6.59 5.69
SERA Wels-Chips

Much of the impressive and popular siluridos (plecostomus, catfishes L ) gnaw their food from the roots of wood and elements for styling. In so doing, also take wood particles, that help them do good... Read more

from 6.99 5.99
JBL Novotab Tablet food for all aquarium fish

Balanced quality food that satisfies the special requirements of freshwater and marine fish. Its exclusive formula optimized with a mix of high-quality ingredients , contain 10% of selected... Read more

from 10.45 9.09
SERA Plankton Tabs

. The ideal food for the fish that feed on plankton and invertebrates of the saltwater Aquarium, with a high content of Spirulina and natural plankton carefully crafted. SERA Plankton Tabs are treats ... Read more

from 11.39 9.89
SERA viformo

Staple food in the form of tablets for catfish and loaches . Its high vegetable content makes these tablets a desired food. Analytic composition: Protein 46. 6% Total fat 8. 9% Fibre 3,2% Humi... Read more

from 8.09 6.99
SERA vipachips

This completely new and special food is suitable for all bottom fish that do not live in a purely vegetarian diet. The SERA vipachips are perfect, among others, for the armoured catfish and loaches, ... Read more

from 15.71 5.99
TetraTabiMin food in tablets

Food in round tablets with all the nutrients necessary for a balanced diet of the tropical fish that feed in the area of Fund. . It is designed so that it contains all the essential nutrients for ... Read more

from 6.95 4.69
Tetra Pro Algae Crisps

Today the excellent properties of the algae on the feeding , have been discovered since they have some amazing nutritional qualities which are being used in human food. By what a diet rich in algae is... Read more

from 5.39 4.69
Tetra PRO Colour Crisps

With this food for tropical fish you will manage to give a complete and balanced all ornamental fish in your aquarium, diet while you get to enhance the natural color of these as colorful fish, thus ... Read more

from 5.39 4.39
JBL NovoBel Refill Economic Pack

Complete food for daily of all aquarium fish food . It is specifically formulated for the daily feeding of of plates (Cyprinodonti form), Anabautidos, Zebra Danio and other small barbus, shark silver,... Read more

from 9.09 7.89
TetraMin Weekend

With these compact sticks complete food for tropical fish, you don't have to worry about your fish food if you are going to leave a few days, they have a proper dosage so that they can reach up ... Read more

from 5.79 4.99

It is important that the food we give to our fish is suitable for their digestive system; otherwise their health could be damaged. To prevent this, in TiendAnimal we have a wide variety of tropical fish food.

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