Wooden hotel attracts live insects for birds
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Wooden hotel attracts live insects for birds

18.39 15.99
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Hanging wooden house to house and feed insects to birds

The wooden hotel attracts live insects for birds provides a place in which to raise and provides food for wild birds insects environment. It made with logs of wood with holes and gaps, wood chips and pine cones among others, it is the ideal place for insects to hibernate in cold weather and bad weather can protect place.

Bugs love to hide in small nooks and crannies so it will be a hotel for animals such as ladybugs, butterflies, bees, bumble bees and other beneficial insects to the environment that control pests naturally. Additionally, this cycle also different wild birds in the area can feed on insects.

Hang the wooden hotel with the holes facing south, if possible, in a place that receives sunlight and at the same time be protected from rain. The ideal height would be about 100 cm from the ground or more.



  • Very decorative wooden house attracts beneficial insects to control pests.
  • It provides a place where insects breed, hibernate and shelter from bad weather.
  • It provides food for wild birds around.
  • It hangs easily.



  • Wooden hotel to attract insects that protects them from bad weather and natural food for outdoor birds.


  • 100% natural wood


  • 10 x 20 x 36.5 cm


  • Wood in different shades


The wooden hotel attracts live insects for birds will help to control pests and provide food for birds around.

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