How to Buy

To buy in TiendAnimal is very easy, there are 3 steps:


Select products

Browse the web and add to the shopping cart all the products you want,clicking in this button:

Add to Cart

You will go directly to your shopping cart page, where you could see a list with the products you have chosen. Here you could add more units.

You could keep buying or checkout.


Now there are two step more:

select products
shopping cart

Delivery data

Please, make a new client account. We need your data (name and address) in order to do the purchase and the bill. If you are a registered client, please login with your client name and password.

You will receive a email to confirm you are a new client.

We will ask you to choose the delivery address, way of payment and shipment.


Read the terms of use of the website.

Do the purchase.

delivery data


Confirm Order

We will show you an order number and the payment instructions. You will receive an email with the information of the purchase. Please check again if all the data are right. If you see any error, send us an email and we will contact with you soon.

The Credit Card orders refused by your bank, will be cancelled automatically, so you have to do a new order with another Credit Card or another way of payment.

In order to avoid delays, Please always check your delivery data and you phone number.

For any question, contact us in or call to 952 360011 o al 902 104920.

confirm order