KONG Classic dog toy red
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KONG Classic dog toy red

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Toy original KONG

The game objects satisfies the instinctive need of all carnivores "hunt-capture - chew". Kong Toys rebotan in unpredictable directions (simulating the game) have the weight and action of a dam (capture) and an elastic texture that simulates the bite of the dam (chewing).


  • You can fill with food to make it even more attractive. The reward for the "hunt" is greater and will find irresistible
  • They are extremely resistant. Made with exclusive natural rubber Kong
  • Prevent your dog chew by boredom inappropriate things
  • Use them regularly strengthens the jaws and gums of your dog

A dog can be well kept physically and yet live in a poor environment, as objects with what feel stimulated to play. Give toys attractive can prevent and even cure behavior problems, because it reduces the stress and is a great exercise. Note that playing is a natural behavior in all animals and our pets used the game as social interaction and to practice instinctive habits of hunting. Remove the possibility of hunting a dog will produce you boredom, frustration and behavioral problems. Play with other pets or people develop social relationships and makes the animals more happy!

Kong original rojo juguete para perros

In 1976, Kong established standard functionality and durability in toys for dogs. Today the Kongs are more enthusiastic followers have, among both the pet and veterinary, coaches and other professionals.

Juguete Kong original para perros Kong clasico rojo

Although its composition are extremely durable, there is no indestructible toys, so we recommend you change it when it deteriorates so that your pet can ingest pieces that could cause damage.

 DimensionsPesoPeso perro
Mini6 cm long x 4 cm diameter30 grUp to 2 kg
Small8 cm long x 4 cm diameter50 grUp to 9 kg
Medium9 cm long x 6 cm diameter110 gr7-16 kg
Large10 cm long x 7 cm diameter200 gr13-30 kg
X-Large13 cm long x 9 cm diameter350 gr27-41 kg
Giant15 cm long x 10 cm diameter550 gr38 kg

Choose the kong right for your dog:

BreedKong PuppyKong classic (Red)Kong extreme (Black)Kong senior
Basset HoundM, LL, XLL, XLL
Boston TerrierS, MM, LM, LM, L
BulldogLXL, XXLXL, XXLNot recommended
French BulldogMMMM
Bull TerrierLL, XLL, XLL
Poodle (toy)S, MS, MS, MS, M
PugS, MM, LM, LM, L
Cavalier King Charles SpanielSMMM
ChihuahuaXS, SXS, SXS, SS
Cocker SpanielS, MM, LM, LM, L
CollieM* (young puppies), LM, LM, LL
DobermanM* (young puppies), LL, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
Golden RetrieverL* (young puppies)L, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
Siberian HuskyM* (young puppies), LL, XLL, XLL
Labrador RetrieverM* (young puppies), LL, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
German ShepherdL* (young puppies)L, XL, XXLL, XL, XXLL
Shetland ShepherdS* (young puppies), MM, LM, LL
RottweilerL* (young puppies)XL, XXLXL, XXLNot recommended
Schnauzer ToyS, MS, MS, MM
Springer SpanielLLLL
Weimaraner  M* (young puppies), LL, XL, XXL L, XL, XXL L
Yorkshire TerrierS, MS, MS, MM

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Lucia V.

Excellent toy, my dog loves it and it is the first toy she is not able to destroy by biting! Especially great if you stuff it with peanut butter and have it freeze over night, it makes an awesome toy!

Thursday 28 January, 2016

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