Payment Methods has at your disposal different ways of paying in order to make easier the payment of orders to our customers.

    You can pay at home. Once the delivery has arrived (cash on delivery)
    You can deposit the entry into our account
    You can do a bank transference
    You can pay by credit card

     Cash on delivery

Once the delivery has arrived at your house, you can pay directly to the distributor.
This way of paying carries about an additional expense of 3 % and a minimun of 1.9 € over the price of the article you are buying, due to commission they charge (Only in the Spanish Peninsula)

     Deposit into our account offers you the possibility of making the payment by depositing the Money into any of our current accounts in some of these banks

Banco Santander BSCH, IBAN: ES34 0049 5708 1327 1627 6620 (BSCHESMM).
Banco Popular, IBAN: ES83 0075 3240 5306 0018 6530 (SWIFT POPUESMM).

Once the customer have made your order, sends you an email with all information you need to carry out your deposit into the bank (current account number). In this order form you can see the cost of it, the heading which must go with the deposit form together with the bank name and account you have chosen for your payment. It is important that you write the reference number of your order on your deposit form in the bank. provides you with this number. If you do it like this, the delivery of your purchase takes place immediately, when making your deposit in the bank payment and delivery are immediate (and that is an advantage for both of us).
We can not accept payment by check.

     Bank Transference

The payment by bank transference is an easy way to pay when buying product through the internet. You can do the deposit through your bank. When you choose this way of payment and once you make your order, you will see the information you need to do your bank transference. You will receive an email where you can see the cost of it, the heading you have to write in the order form and the current account number you have chosen. Remember you have to write us a heading with the reference number of your order. This allows us to process your order more efficiently. It takes 48 hrs approximately to come into effect. Once the payment is confirmed, packs and delivers the parcel.

Available Bank Accounts:
Banco Santander BSCH, IBAN: ES34 0049 5708 1327 1627 6620 (BSCHESMM).
Banco Popular, IBAN: ES83 0075 3240 5306 0018 6530 (SWIFT POPUESMM).

For International Payments:
Banco Popular
International Bank Account Number IBAN: ES83 0075 3240 5306 0018 6530 (SWIFT POPUESMM)
Bank Identifier Code (B.I.C.): POPUESMM

If you want to make it quicker you have to send us an email to or send by fax the payment receipt to our fax number 952 17 06 26 .

If the transfer is done before 11 ho have received proof of having done the same before this time, the order will be validated and sent in the day. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that the order is validated that day, from the day after the ship date.
Orders where payment is not cleared within 7 days, priority stock lose and do not guarantee that the order can be validated and sent on the same day that payment is made.

     Credit Card

If you want to pay by credit card you can do it safely through the Santander Central Hispano phone-bank. This way, it is only such a bank the one who knows and pick up directly your personal details of your credit card, leaving out of any transaction. The cards allowed are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro y American Express and the card nets 4B, Red 6000 and Servired. The payment of your order takes place directly with the bank offering you top security and secret. All cards are accepted. This system also covers the CES protocol.

If you have any inquiries please contact us at the Phone 900 844 062 or 902 104 920 or at We will be pleased to help you and clear your up your doubts