Platinum Adult Lamb&rice natural food for dogs
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Platinum Adult Lamb&rice natural food for dogs

19.59 15.99
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Platinum Menu Natural Turkey & Salmon wet dog food
Platinum Menu Natural wet dog food
Platinum Adult Lamb&rice natural food for dogs


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Feed PLATINUM for dogs is made with fresh quality ingredients (suitable even for human consumption). The ingredients are bought on a daily basis and are cooked to steam at temperatures moderate in their own juice, obtaining a fresh product, which retains all the nutrients contained in the ingredients, easy to digest and naturally flavorful without additives and flavorings.

I think platinum dog food natural extra meat

This feed for dogs is a very suitable choice to feed your dog, you you will be giving a quality food and cooked respecting all the taste, smell and nutritive value of its ingredients. Your dog will consume it with nothing more devotion to smell it. In a few weeks you can appreciate its multiple benefits in the general health of your pet.

This is the feed more sold in Germany now you can buy exclusive for Spain here in Tiendanimal. It is a product manufactured in Germany under the most rigorous conditions of hygiene and quality.

How is made a feed of quality and natural for your dog?

It all starts with a careful selection of raw fresh and of high quality that are bought on a daily basis to get a final product fresh and healthy. Already at the factory the ingredients remain rigorous hygienic and quality controls during the entire chain of production. Once in the factory are the following steps:

  • Cut the pieces of fresh meat (over 70%) and he is added to the pot along with the rice.
  • Everything is cooked at 95 ° C (optimum temperature to avoid the loss of nutrients) in own juices ingredients, without adding water. Then allowed to dry slowly and carefully maintaining feed humidity 18% in a natural way.
  • Once dry add the pressed oils, herbs and vitamins at room temperature so they arrive with their properties intact to the final product. If these ingredients were added from the beginning these elements had disappeared because of the heat.
  • Finally the pieces are molded and hermetically packaged vacuum-packed in aluminium bags without risk of mites responsible for many allergies in animals, which maintains the properties of the food from the first croquette to the last.

Difference between a traditional dry croquette and semi-humid croquette of Platinum.

 Food traditionalPlatinum
Origin of proteinsGenerally speaking, proteins are mainly cereals and by-products and a small proportion of meat mealPlatinum contains over 70 per cent of fresh meat, an excellent natural source of proteins of high quality and bioavailability
Method of manufacturingMix ingredients in a food paste to which water is added, are heated to temperatures high (with the consequent loss of nutrients) and compact in croquettes at high pressuresPlatinum cooking ingredients in their own juice (without adding water) at low temperatures (95 ° C) to conserve all the nutrients and oils, herbs and vitamins are added after cooking.
Residual humidity8 %18 %
Time of retention of food in the stomachGenerally speaking, each croquette is covered with a layer of starch that hinders and slows digestion creating sensation indigestion or swellingPlatinum is easily digestible, so it reduces the time spent in the stomach, your dog will feel light after every meal
I think amount swallowedLarge quantities to provide all the nutrients.Thanks to its high digestibility exploit better the ingredients by requiring a smaller proportion of feed to get the same nutrients.

Ingredients: Fresh meat of Lamb (70%), rice, fat lamb, meal of lamb, dried fish, salmon oil, dry Apple yeast dry beer, fat of linen pressed cold, olive oil pressed in cold, extract of Mussel green lips, sarsaparilla root, thistle, fennel seed, artichoke, celery wild, berro, Chamomile, tooth of Lion, gencina, yucca, potassium chloride. Preserved with potassium sorbate tree from Rowan and natural antioxidants (tocopherols).

Recommended analysis: protein 23%, fat 11%, fibre 2%, crude ash 7.9%, humidity 18%, calcium 1.8%, phosphorus 1.3%, Vit A 10000 IU/kg, Vit D3 1600 IU/kg, Vit E 150 mg/kg, Vit K1 2 mg/kg, Vit B1 3 mg/kg, Vit B2 4 mg/kg, Vit B6 4 mg/kg, Vit B12 40 mcg/kg, niacin 20 mg/kg, pantothenate of calcium 8 mg/kg, biotin 100 mcg/kg, acid folic mcg/kg 300 Hill 500 mg/kg, iron 75 mg/kg, zinc 190 mg/kg, manganese 90 mg/kg, copper 19 mg/kg, 1 mg/kg, iodine 1.5 cobalt mg/kg, selenium 0.3 mg/kg. Metabolizable energy: 3200 kcal/kg.

Recommended daily amount: The recommended amounts are indicative and should adjust accordingly that vary depending on the age of the animal, activity, ambient temperature, etc. Rations must conform later to the energetic needs of the animal, guided by the maintenance of optimal body weight. Provided that a change of power, a time of transition must be respected to prevent digestive problems.

Weight of dogGrams per day
3-5 kg55-85 gr
5-7.5 kg85-115 gr
7.5-10 kg115-150 gr
10-12.5 kg150-165 gr
12.5-15 kg165-190 gr
15-20 kg190-275 gr
20-25 kg275-300 gr
25-30 kg300-325 gr
30-40 kg325-450 gr
40-60 kg450-675 g
60-70 kg675-840 g

How to use: Serving the food dry or lightly moistened newspaper guided by the table of recommended daily ration. It is best to divide the corresponding ration in two or more servings a day. Always leave clean, fresh water available to the animal.

Available in packages of 5 kg, 10 kg (2x5kg) and 15 kg (3x5kg). The product has a life expectancy of 12 months after the date of manufacture.

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