Platinum Forte spray 3 in 1 oral clean+care
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Platinum Forte spray 3 in 1 oral clean+care

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Natural spray antisarro and anti bad breath dental hygiene for dogs and cats.

Natural remedy designed to maintain the dental health of your dog or cat. This action reinforced product is ideally suited in animals with clear and advanced oral hygiene deterioration. It is a product of efficacy tested with triple action because it eliminates and prevents the bacterial plaque or tartar, eliminates bad breath (halitosis) and helps improve gum infections. It is suitable for dogs and cats.

In a few days, you will notice its excellent result in the mouth of your pet health first bad breath will disappear and will be progressively disappearing Tartar accumulated on the tooth surface. Animals are not accustomed to the use of dental cleaning we recommend use the standard line first before moving on to the Forte line.

Natural dental hygiene spray dogs and cats forgets the bad breath

Its exclusive formula of high quality contains as main ingredients extracts of seeds of citrus fruits and oils of all-natural herbs to achieve optimum cleaning of the oral cavity of dogs and cats.The ingredients, suitable for drinking, are completely safe even if ingested. They have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect by helping it to relieve pain and inflammation of the gums. It does not damage the tooth enamel because it does not contain harmful acidic ingredients.

Key benefits:

  • Removes Tartar and prevent its accumulation.
  • Cure gum infections.
  • Combat halitosis (bad breath).
  • Totally natural.
  • For dogs and cats.

Most problems dental in dogs and cats, as well as periodontitis or periodontal disease, is caused by accumulation of tartar that cause bad breath and swelling in the area and can cause the loss of teeth. In addition the Tartar can reach other areas of the body such as the heart, liver, lung and kidney, causing infections and other diseases. In the majority of cases of animals with excess of tartar, require a thorough dental cleaning in the veterinarian under general anesthesia with consequent risks.

Ingredients: water, citrus seed extracts, oils essential vegetables, alcohol.

How to use: apply the spray directly on the teeth of the animal.

Frequency of use: mouths messed apply 2 times a day (morning and afternoon). In mouths with adequate hygiene applied 1 time a day every 2 or 3 days. The animal must not eat or drink water 30 minutes before or after applied the treatment. Warning: this product does not remove stains from the teeth.

as care for the dental health of your dog and cat when it has Tartar?

Daily amount recommended in each application:

Weight of the animalNo. vaporization
1-5 kg2
5-15 kg3
15-30 kg4
+ 30 kg5-6

Available in 65 ml bottles.

dog and cats teeth cleaned fast and easy dental hygiene dental dalus

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