RubbnRoll toy for dogs orange ball of natural rubber
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RubbnRoll toy for dogs orange ball of natural rubber

10.79 9.39
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Ball of solid rubber resistant to small and medium-sized dogs.

Superior quality dog toy ball safe very perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. It has a very soft texture to prevent damage to the teeth and is not toxic for accidental ingestion of small pieces that can be eliminated without problem with feces. Top quality product manufactured by Mark Martin Sellier, French company with over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of accessories for dogs and cats.

Because buying higher quality than my dog toys?

Toys for dogs of superior quality comes at a price higher than the majority of toys for dogs, but they have many more advantages.

  1. These toys are manufactured by top brands counselled by veterinarians and trainers professionals to create products that love dogs and their owners.
  2. They are safe toys that have been manufactured under very strict quality conditions which ensure that the final product is not harmful to pets.
  3. Dogs are much more resistant to the teeth(although not unbreakable), by what will last longer, saving a lot of money over time.
  4. Do not harm the teeth or gums and in case of accidental ingestion they are not toxic to the animal and can be easily expelled.

Dog toy ball rubber colours sports

This toy dog is manufactured with first quality 100% biodegradable and non-toxic natural rubber. It has a soft texture and is malleable to prevent damage to the teeth of the dog. It is very hardy, but never should be left unattended dogs because of the risk of destruction. Is a robust and solid ball of brightly colored in the shape of balls for several sports (basketball, football, etc.).

This toy dog manufactured in the European Community EC complies with standards WHO/who BHA XXI, FDA, UNE-in-71-1996, UNE-53-561, ISO-3451 and FT-IR.

Available in 3 sizes (small, medium, large). Available in assorted colours.

  • Small: 5 cm diameter
  • Medium: 6 cm diameter.
  • Large: 7 cm diameter.

A dog happy and stimulated is one that has a good diet, exercise daily and are confident in your family - "herd". Providing toys to your pet you feel happy. Toys encourage the game, stimulate animals avoiding boredom and inappropriate as the destruction of furniture behaviors. Also many toys have a dual function, part of the fun, since it prevents the accumulation of tartar on teeth and strengthens the muscles of the jaw helps to dental health.

Although its composition are extremely durable, there are no indestructible toys, so recommend you change it when deteriorate so that your pet can eat pieces that could cause damage. Always monitor the animal while playing and not leave for a long time exposed to its strong JAWS toys.

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