Uv steriliser for aquarium Helix Max
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Uv steriliser for aquarium Helix Max

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Germicidal Helix Max

Aqua Medic Helix Max de is a sterilizer for fresh and salt water aquariums and garden ponds that works with UV radiation.

These modern sterilizers can eliminate single-celled algae from aquariums and ponds, leaving completely crystal clear water. Also helps to eliminate bacteria and parasites present in the water, whereupon reduces the risk of infection in fish.

Water flow controlled inside and large capacity make Helix Max highly efficient. The water is led into a spiral around the quartz tube, giving as a result a longer contact time and a more effective use of the ultraviolet radiation that in other similar units.Helix max

The sterilizer Helix max used ultraviolet radiation emitted by a special bulb.This radiation kills all forms of microscopic life exposed directly to it (microalgae, bacteria, protozoa and other parasites).

Both the connection of input and output can be rotated 360 ° so that is possible to mount them on any angle easily, without special adaptations. Units cannot operate submerged, and the 5 and 9 watts is designed to operate only in the interior of the House.

There are 5 available models:
-the 5 and 9 watts for small freshwater or saltwater aquariums come with a 2 meter cable;
-those of 18, 36 and 55 watts to outdoor ponds and aquariums of large dimensions. These come with a rubber 10 meters in length and electronic ballast cable high frequency. This type of ballast prolongs the life of the bulb and improve the effectiveness of sterilizers.

UV steriliser Helix Max Aquarium

Recommended maximum flow for teams:

Salt waterFreshwaterPonds
5 watts100 l/h200 l/h-
9 watts200 l/h500 l/h-
11 watts400 l/h700/h-
18 watts500 l/h1000 l/h6000 l/h
36 watts1000 l/h2000 l/h12000 l/h
55 watts1500 l/h3000 l/h18000 l/h

This flow for garden ponds fails to sterilize water, but yes clarified it by eliminating the single-celled algae.Replacement UV lamp

At TiendAnimal you can also get the UV replacement lamps.

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