Superpremium food for cats Breed Up Kitten Chicken & Rice
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Superpremium food for cats Breed Up Kitten Chicken & Rice

13.79 12.99
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Pack tasting Breed Up wet food for kittens
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Cat Breed Up Kitten food

Think for kittens Kitten Up Breed with chicken is a superpremium fodder with a formula specially designed to provide everything you need in your development to kittens. Your pet will grow strong, healthy and full of energy. This food for kittens contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need a kitten in growth.

It is the most suitable food for small cats from 2 up to 12 months of age, as well as for pregnant females and in phase of lactation, since its adequate caloric content also meets the energy needs of mothers.

Manufactured in Spain with a unique manufacturing process, low temperatures and the injection of fresh meat (FMIS) system are used to prevent loss of quality in the nutrients and vitamins. Thus proteins may be assured that their molecular structure intact, of biological value of the same loss is avoided and facilitates their absorption. This I think super-premium cat has alto content in chicken (68%) where 33% is, 30% fresh meat dried and 5% hydrolyzed chicken meat. It is a diet monoproteica that incorporates a unique source of animal protein to prevent allergy problems.

Breed Up range uses natural premium ingredientsfor their products, free genetically modified (GMO) and gluten-free. The chicken meat is composed of easily digestible proteins and has a low content of fat to keep your cat in your ideal weight while it grows. Chicken liver is high in protein and is also very rich in B group vitamins and vitamin K, which help the formation of body tissue and red blood cells. Sources of gluten-free (corn and rice) carbohydrates, are easily assimilated and energy throughout the day.

Your little cat will also enjoy better digestive health thanks to its bifidus effect (Prebiotics) provided by beet pulp and the MOS, guaranteeing a correct balance of the intestinal flora, stimulating the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and eliminating the harmful.

In this cat food recipe the taurineamino acid essential to the health of the kitten is present and that can not miss in the feline diet, as it is an amino acid that cats can not synthesize by themselves, and need must take through the food. Taurine is essential for the proper functioning of the heart and vision.

So that your cat has a long life, this feed for kittens includes natural antioxidants (tocopherols) to combat free radicals (promoters of tumor activity).

  • I think for small cats of 2 to 12 months, pregnant and lactating females.


  • 33.20% of crude protein; 17.70% of oils and fats gross; 2.00% crude fibre; 7.20% crude ash; 1.20% of calcium; 1.00% of phosphorus.


  • Nutritional: vitamin A (20,000 IU/kg); Vitamin D3 (1,600 IU/kg); Vitamin E (600 mg/kg); Vitamin C (85 mg/kg); L-taurine (1,000 mg/kg); DL-methionine (1,000 mg/kg); L-threonine (1,000 mg/kg); iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrate: 75 mg/kg); iodine (potassium iodide: 3.5 mg/kg); copper (sulfate pentahydrated cupric: 10 mg/kg). manganese (manganous sulfate monohydrate: 7.5 mg / kg); zinc (zinc oxide: 150 mg/kg); Selenium (sodium selenite: 0.15 mg/kg); extracts of citrus (1,000 mg/kg).
  • Technology: antioxidants: natural extracts rich in tocopherols.


Weight2 months4 months6 monthsFrom 9 to 12 months
0.5 kg27 gr   
1 kg55 gr   
1.5 kg 46 gr  
2 kg 61 gr  
2.5 kg 77 gr60 gr 
3 kg  70 gr57 gr
3.5 kg  79 gr66 gr
4 kg  85 gr74 gr
5 kg   85 gr
  • These amounts are indicative: you must take into account the energy needs of your cat. Gives the recommended daily dose preferably divided into two or three servings and always at the same time. Cats for pregnant women and lactactes, you can leave the food freely available.
  • Controls that your cat has fresh water available at all times.


  • In packages of 100 g and 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 kg.

Growth is a delicate phase in which your pet must be fed properly and protected from possible diseases. Feed super-premium to Breed Up Kitten Kittens with chicken strengthens their defenses and strengthens your digestive system.

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