Technical Pet Nappy + Replacement pads for Parrots
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Technical Pet Nappy + Replacement pads for Parrots

22.99 19.99
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Set of Nappy for small parrots

This fantastic piece of clothing as a diaper for parrots and small parrots (Kramer Parrot, Parrot grey breast, Lori, etc...) it allows us to get to our Parrot out of the cage at home unless you spot the furniture or the floor of our home. Now our bird can join us where we want. It is a new, comfortable and easy to use product.

Technical pet is a brand specialist pet accessories with excellent quality and prices that are suitable for everyone exclusivelyavailable on Tiendanimal. If want you to give quality to your Technical pet products pet is your brand.

Diaper Technical Pet + packs of replacement for parrots

This honeycomb has been designed by an expert in poultry breeder that has given it a physiological way so that the animals are comfortable and which also comes in 3 assorted designs:

  1. Camouflage
  2. Pictures
  3. Orange

Diaper Technical Pet + packs of replacement for parrots

Manufactured with double fabric of excellent quality, very durablebib. Honeycomb has a few strips elastic that conform to the shoulders of the bird and comes with a comfortable adjustable velcro closure for ease in donning. It is especially adaptable to the body of the bird with a hole where the tail out. Also comes with 3 disposable replacement pads

Diaper Technical Pet + replacement for parrots back packs

Younger birds are always previously accustomed to the use of honeycomb and therefore it will be much easier to implement. If you want to use the harness in rebellious or adult birds can follow these Tips:

  • Ask for help to another person during the first few times to put the diaper.
  • Place the diaper in moments in which your bird is hungry and use their favorite treats, to distract her and reward it.
  • If the animal is very nervous during the installation, you can try to cover her head.
  • Once placed and adjusted panalcorrectamente, release as soon as possible through the House so that it serves you as a reward. Soon your dog will associate the panalcon the fun out of the cage.
  • Never leave unattended your pet while you are using the diaper.
  • If your bird tends to bite and nibble everything, it may not be a good candidate for the use of the diaper.

Instructions to place the diaper:

1. Open the velcro of the diaper and introduces one of the replacement pads at the bottom.
2 Subject to your pet and enter both feet for each sleeve, take turn tail through the hole.
3 Please enter each sleeve with great care by the wings of the bird.
4 Close the velcro adjusting the bird.

Recommendations for use:

  • Nappy for birds only be used for short time space. In any case we must let our pet the whole day with attached diaper
  • After using it you must remove the replacement compress and clean the cesspool of the bird in the case of stains
  • We can get replacement packs in any supermarket as cleansing disks

Dimensions: 11.5 cm long and 8.5 cm wide (16 cms contour)

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EAN: 8436541584501, 8436541584495, 8436541584488

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